We humans exist between two diametrically opposed living worlds, two spheres that each seem to constantly contradict the other. Since we were born, we have been the center of our universe, the gods of our own constructions, thoughts and ideas. To exist consciously as an individual primarily means to be aware of the qualia of subjective experience.

On the other hand, we seek to understand the world as it is. We constantly try to find an Archimedean point of view from where we can transcendent the curtains of our subjective living sphere and reach out to find the truth of nature, even of art and morality:

“So that I may perceive whatever holds // the world together in its inmost folds.” (Johann W. v. Goethe)

How can these two spheres, fundamentally different yet hardwired at the basis of our very existence, be integrated in our lives? Is there infinit truth to find? Or do we do nothing but constantly dreaming our worlds, every one’s dream seperated in solitude, floating on escapist illusions?

We try to explore these philosophical ideas and questions musically. We seek to express states like thoughtfulness, reflectiveness, doubt or inner turmoil. Thus our music investigates the tension between heavy and calm moments with long instrumental and some vocal parts.